January 3, 2010

Baam! I’m back, but well, probably for just a moment.

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Ok its been extremely long since i took a look at this blog and how cool can things get, its 2010! Well, tmr will be the start of my school and i’m not really excited bout it heh. So 2009 wasn’t a really wonderful year, but also and definately not an awful year.

I think the biggest impression on me is still spdb and needless to say, river regatta 2009 and SAVA sprints 09 was a blast. Well, i never really felt so good bout training hard in my entire life until dragonboating came and took me by storm. I start to realise the true meaning of ‘no pain, no gain’ and its the least significant moments that u put in the little effort, give that extra push or release that extra boost that gives you the results that you would probably have never imagined. Well, many tell me its stupid to carry on this cca, almost the whole of me agrees that it takes away my life, time and everything and its simply killing myself training in the hot sun like a dog 5 or 6 or even 7 times a week. But a little part of me realises that i actually enjoy it! Haha it sounds crazy, but i like the feeling of winning, i like the feeling of trying for the impossible, i like the feeling of finishing a day of training and telling myself that i had just reached a tiny milestone. Well, not that i would definately stay in this cca all the way, i would never rule out my chances of leaving since results do come into play, but as for now, i still don’t regret sticking to this team. We can win, its possible, i’ve seen it and i’m damned right sure i know it.

And about life, i realised that sometimes, i’m just too hasty with things. I keep telling myself that what is meant to be, meant to be. But then again, part of me wants to create for myself a chance to try. This is only when i make stupid mistakes. But is it worth trying? I don’t know. But what i’ve decided on, is that i guess i’ll just let the small and stupid things in my mind go, and just go with the flow. I think, trying so hard sometimes would lead to nothing and most of the times, misery.

Alright, i think its just better to study hard, train hard and just have fun. Better off getting myself mind-fucked over stupid stuff. Speaking of having fun, I’m really excited bout this year. This is the year for me man! 18 finally, not stupid 17, where i get stuck in the middle of 16 and 18 and i can’t do fuck. Its like you’re moving into another phase of life, where u learn to do more adult stuff like drinking and before u know it, you realise you can’t cos you’re fucking 17. Its really stupid man. August here i come.

Other than that, i think theres still more stuff to look forward to! Well, i do look forward to a new year as a senior in db and i do look forward to new possibilities in life! I mean, there are many things that happen and many things that surprises my every year although it might be awful and fucked up sometimes, but i won’t stop walking and moving on cos theres more that meets the eye;)

And so cheers to the new year! Hopefully, i can change to be better, i can train hard enough to be stronger and i can find new meanings to life. Of course, last but not least, keeping my friends close by and hopefully finding new friends!


September 19, 2009

How’s life?

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My answer: Training. And nothing else! 5 days a week i train, 7 trainings in 5 days, with tuesdays and thursdays having double training sessions, and oh, i hit the gym on my free days, monday and friday. This is what i mean by LIFE. Seriously i really am a little nuts alry lol.. Well, it getting pretty hard on my body now that i’ve experienced 1 week of it, the nxt one is coming up now, woo, exciting shit man. SAVA’s round the corner, 11 october to be exact and i really am filling out my holidays with solely training and oh well, i really wanna get into team and also to achieve something in the race, maybe not the winning trophey cos its out of the year 1’s league but at least yielding some satisfaction through it.

And so i had a DB bonding camp just a couple of weeks back, and all i can say is, i finally get to see a little bit of the fun side in db=) Oh and i just realised that mei xuan is yong wei’s sister!! My god, so shocking man, the world is really small. Yong Wei is my year 3 senior and mei xuan is my school mate, from my obs watch marco polo and she last time still do recess duty with me xD

Alright, time’s up, gotta go sleep now, tmr there’s rowing from 8.30 all the way till 2 in the afternoon! Thumbs up, all smiles, exhilirating and overwhelming man!!:DD Ok not so much, but well, i still don’t hate training;)

SPDB (Bonding Camp 09 at Ubin)

Year 1's

August 30, 2009

Time to study!

Posted in my universe at 4:56 pm by Gerald

Ok, not quite true. My exams are over anyway HA! So when autoCAD was close to a disaster, i still don’t know i will do as well as i did in MST for mechanics and electronics. Well, i can’t do much now anyway, but i still want a good GPA!! Dang, if only my autoCAD wasn’t so bad, i wouldn’t have to worry too much. But most fortunately, i managed to study well for both mechanics and electronics even though it was kinda last minute:D Well, MST was a little last minute too ahah!

So with 6 Weeks and a little bit more free, u might be thinking i’m gonna slack, go out there, get myself a little tanned and have fun in the sun yea? Well, that still true! If u would to consider having lots of training fun! I don’t mind though, cos i’ve agreed to the fact that i pretty much am someone with no life at the moment. I’m still focusing on weights training and i really look forward to improve my ever so weak and pussy bench weights. Also, i still dont understand how ppl like ken and mok can bench weights that are 10kg heavier than their own weight, fuck, i need to improve man. 

SAVA is on the 11th of october, so i better get my ass moving and training harder. Shit, but weight is still an issue, since i’m still stuck at 57kg… As always, gaining a kg is climbing a mountain for me. And another thing, here comes training camp! its the week after next and i expect some hardcore stuff man, i still don’t believe that there will be a ‘fun’ element in the camp with SAVA coming up so soon, its kinda impossible picturing my seniors or my cca having a good time right now lol. Well, i’m going to get myself mentally prepared for anything and everything.(reminds me of Part B camp 0.0)

So above is all training, i too find it kinda dry, my life is boring now too, i really need something to brighten up my life, dang. I don’t know, i just do hope that someone or something comes knocking on my door and say “hey get a life! let go chill man” cos everytime when i wake up from my nap after i had training earlier, i sometimes ask myself, is this my life? Am i gonna be strong enough to fight for a place in the team? or i’m just gonna be a weak shit. Is there MORE to life? And why i feel so empty sometimes. Don’t say i’m emo, i don’t need consolations or pity, i look for answers.

Here’s something for everyone now, i find it so damned meaningful.

In my shoes, just to see
What it’s like, to be me
I’ll be you, let’s trade shoes
Just to see what it’d be like

To feel your pain, you feel mine
Go inside each others minds
Just to see what we’d find
Look at shit through each others eyes

Don’t let ’em say you ain’t beautiful
They can all get fucked, just stay true to you
So don’t let ’em say you ain’t beautiful
They can all get fucked, just stay true to you

Nobody asked for life to deal us
With these bullshit hands we’re dealt
We gotta take these cards ourselves
And flip ’em, don’t expect no help

Now I could’ve either just sat on my ass
And pissed and moaned
Or take this situation in which I’m placed in
And get up and get my own

Love this part man. With respect, eminem.

August 9, 2009


Posted in my universe at 5:05 pm by Gerald

Ok, i’m having a hard time getting myself to work, seems so hard to concentrate for god know why, fuck, i really need to seize the time now!!! So today’s free day, no training and no homework that i know of 0.0 lol. Feels kinda weird not waking up early to row today, but nevertheless i woke up at bout 9 ON MY OWN for the first time since stone age haha! Was suppose to take a short nap on friday evening after dinner, but i ended up sleeping till 1am, so i woke up, stayed up till 4am before hitting the bed. Then after which, i woke up at 9 in the morning, woots.

Well, since it was so early, i decided to try something and it is….. eating a raw egg. Yes, a raw one, i thought of jerome’s way of method of getting protien so i mix a raw egg in a carton of soya bean milk( the 500ml one) and started sucking it with a straw. Guess wad, it didnt taste half as bad! Could hardly taste the egg, only occasionally >.<

Also, i ended up not working out today, which was so awful of me cos i’m really slack and i still took an egg in the morning, dang, need to do some pull ups to feel less guilty! My cough is still with me though, fucking hate it, it feels like i’m coughing out all my energy.. ugh.

Putting it aside, i had rowing yesterday! It was mighty fine, did 3 sets of 3km endurance rowing and it didnt feel one bit exhausting, well maybe i’m getting fitter =P haha! It was tiring, but there wasn’t the kick of exhaustion that it used to have, maybe cos we didnt run before rowing but anyhow, it was a good rowing session, yea! 😀

And one last thing, I WANNA DO ROCKET PULL UPS!! I don’t know why i couldn’t do it on thursday, maybe my method is wrong or i’m just not strong enough, but i really wanna do it, seeing esmode and ken doing it makes me feel so pumped, cos it seems challenging :O It was so near yet so far man, i always ended up nearly doing it but in the end, my elbows flip back down T.T dang it!

Watch this, this guy is a real monster.

THIS is my aim, to reach this level of fitness!(probably gonna take me a hundred years lol)

August 1, 2009


Posted in my universe at 3:23 pm by Gerald

Muscle aches are painful, but they also mean that your muscles are growing and lately, i think i’m feeling slightly lesser muscles aches than usual!! Well i don’t know if the protein that i take is so effective or what, but i can safely say that my muscles always seems to feel a bit numb lol! I guess my muscles are too used to the pain, good or not i don’t know, all i care is to gain more weight.

Well some of you might have known, i lost 1kg!!!!! That is so so bad man, gaining 1 kg is like climbing a mountain for me already and now i’m 57, what the fuck! How i lose it? Definately because we run too much! But at least i’m still glad that running helps in toning(: Some people told me to slack around or just spam macs or kfc but its not fats that i want, its LEAN muscle, thats the thing. So now i’m still feeling screwed up because reaching 60kg by september seems a little too tough already, but nonetheless, i’m still determined to gain those muscle mass^^

Training has been good lately, i realise i can do more pull ups already!:D maybe its because i keep doing pull ups everytime i walk into the room, so moral of the story, get a pull up bar and plant it at your room door frame, it helps alot alot. And guess wad, a miricle happened on thursday! God, we actually played bball instead or running the usual 6.4km for training, something is wrong with this world man!! Well QY(our captain) said it was his third time playing bball for training in his 3 years of dragonboat and that explains a bit. But playing bball suddenly is so random! And one more thing, even though i sometimes just don’t have any mood for training, i would at least find training a bit more enjoyable with guys like cm, ken ong WEI QI, mok, james, sebas, alyfie, renzhong and many more of the regulars, thanks guys, you are all true team-mates to me.

Last but not the least of my wordddy post, Michael Schumacher is BACK!!!!! WOOTS~ This is so extraordinary man! Its like Lance Armstrong returning to tour de france, Schumi is returning to take the place of Massa who had a nasty accident last week. Well maybe only lewis knows this, but i’ve been watching F1 with my father since 1999, which was when i was pri 1 and i’ma die-hard fan for schumacher and ferrari since then so having Schumi coming back is really awesome, just to see him race one more time in the prancing-horse is like a gift man!


Respect the legend.

July 19, 2009

Hell yea~

Posted in my universe at 6:17 am by Gerald

Its been a good week, no doubt. I finally got my long-awaited paddle(: , bought the book that I’ve been searching like mad, got myself a seat pad for rowing, the phiten necklace^^ and a hair cut LOL. Yes, a hair cut like nearly after 3 months of leaving my hair to grow like a caveman hahaha. Well it isn’t much of a heartache or anything seeing my long LONG hair being cut off cos it feels good to many degrees like its less time consuming when i wash my head, its cooling, like really haha and it less of hassle when it comes to land and sea trainings cos i always have my really long fringe flopping on my face. But theres just one draw-back, i hate my team-mates to call my ‘QY’ cos i have absolutely NO INTENTION of imitating his hair!!!! Darn, i wanted to cut bald but the thought ‘mohawk’ struck me so i simply chose to cut it FOR THE NAMESAKE OF FUN! So mind u, i wanna have my own identity, don’t put me with someone else.


Yep, this is my paddle, finally:D Its so much lighter and longer that the SDBA’s rented paddles and the blade is so much better for catching water, hell yea~! Well but theres just one thing thats so pissing, why must they give out the paddles before choosing the team?? Seriously, i don’t know wad are the seniors thinking zz.. There were a couple of juniors that almost don’t even attend trainings and they so HAPPENED to come down on thursday and they got the paddle, where’s the justice man! Screw this shit, they Don’t understand how much we’ve been through to ‘earn’ this. Weak-asses.\

Putting that aside, this is the book i’m talking about that i’ve been trying so hard to find. Went to a few popular outlets, searched the whole of times and i just couldn’t find it. Thank god i found it at Borders at Parkway!

Rocket boys book

Its not boring, not lame, not predictable or typical like what it might look like, it is actually, a spark of genious. I don’t think any of my friends heard of this book either and i don’t think they even bother reading a book lol! Never mind, its enough for me to know they are missing out many good stuff around in this world. Well it would probably take me awhile to read finish this cos of my hectic schedule but i will definately wanna read it when ever i can. What made me wanna read this? Its from the movie ‘October Sky’, adapted from this book. Its a 1999 film, old, but truly inspiring. Well catch it if u have the chance, ask me for the avi. if u want, i have it;) Well, after i finish this, i think i wanna read… Team of Rivals! Another unknown book to my friends, but i’m intrigued after taking a glimpse of it.

Lastly for this post, its once again training. Like always, running is always the worst part, ran 7km on thursday’s land training and another 6km for yesterday’s sea training before we started rowing T.T Well fortunately, i’m starting to get used to the distance and thats something positive! One more thing, i still feel bad for missing out so many NYAA meetings but i just don’t have a choice cos i really really wanna row for the coming competition in september!! >.< Sorry part D’s, i’ll be back as soon as i can!

July 13, 2009

Have no regrets!

Posted in my universe at 3:15 pm by Gerald

Ok so heres a quick post for the last week after a hectic 4 days of training in a week. 2 land trainings and 2 sea ones 0.0 Well, the sea training weren’t so bad since this time a lot of focus is put into our rowing technique instead of endurance, but we still rowed 5km on sunday’s sea training and it was really worthwhile man. Rowed with the seniors for the first time this week and i would say its quite stressful!

And then comes land training, i’ll be having one tmr and i really really DREADDDD the running T.T 6.4km again,dang, its so sickening. And i hate it the most when we have to do pull ups after that, cos WHERE ON EARTH YOU FIND ENOUGH STRENGTH TO PULL?? Well thats just show that i’m still weak cos the seniors still can do their pull ups =.= Argh, quite sick of thinking bout it, so anyway, heres the inspirational quote that i’ve been very much intrigued and motived “Weariness is only for a moment, regret is for a lifetime.” Smokes, its cool stuff man, i tell u, imma run faster and do more push-ups and pull ups already! No regrets man, have no regrets.

So heres someone that i really look up to when it comes to muscles.


Look at those deltoids bitch! This is the real deal man, ripped yet buffed, and no one’s deltoids can beat Howard’s ones in NBA man!

July 7, 2009


Posted in my universe at 3:54 pm by Gerald

Nope, not anybody but its me that’s weak. I just feel so small, so weak and so slow.. Training is only gonna be tougher, like the vice-capt said today: ” You will start to run further, you will start to run at a faster pace, you will do more push-ups, you will do more than the 6 sets of 10 pull-ups and you will lift heavier weights”, and this only make me wish more than ever that i have a bigger frame or i could just gain weight faster than now.

Ran about 4km today, then went straight to push-ups, i nearly knocked out. I don’t know why this time feels so shit, but it boils down that i’m just weak. Then we went on to do the 6 sets of 10 pull-ups and i barely finished it. So much for being the most confident in my pull-ups, fuck it, why can’t i do more pull-ups? I wanna run faster too, i wanna run further, i want to be stronger, i just hate my size. Well, i guess i have a hell lot more to work on if i wanna row for the coming competition. Its easy to say and its nice to hear people say “at least you can do a bit of pull-ups” or they say “you should be fine”, but what the real truth is that i’m still far, I’m small for a dragon-boater and i’m without doubt slow. I’m the worst when it comes to running, yet running is one that db can never do without. Give me speed, give me strength, give me stamina, i will savior it.

July 3, 2009


Posted in my universe at 3:06 pm by Gerald

Ok, i’ve finally managed to bring myself to blog after almost 2 months. I’ve entitled this post as “Blink!” and as u can see, its because in just a short moment, half of my semester is gone and i’ve more or less integrated into dragonboat!

First off, i’m more or less used to school life in SP and although its a little boring, but i still don’t regret putting mechanical engineering as my first choice! Well, to some people out there, whether you are in uni or in poly, even if u didnt get into your first choice or you realised your course is boring and tough, all i can say is that try to find joy in wad you are learning, think of your future prospects and in whatever that u are doing, do your very best and be the best! And now, in a blink of an eye, my mid-semester test are over!! Haha it might sound a little no kick for my jc friends cos my MST has only 3 papers to take LOL. Well, but they are not easy still.

First off, autocad, i’m so not confident for this paper, kinda got the feeling that its really screwed and i don’t wish to talk so much bout it. Next is mechanics. This one is really a nervous breakdown. I’m so darn scared for my last question!! I really wanna do well in that paper, considering that i did put in quite an effort for the paper overall. My first 3 questions were fine, but the last one is just so mind boggling, i don’t know if i got the figures and angles right and the whole question is worth 20 marks(paper has a total of 50 marks) T.T Worst still, that bastard invigilator was OPENLY helping students and pointing out stuff for them, seriously, SCREW HIM!! Which part of examinations did he not understand!! Darn, and i was thinking that my hardwork would pay off and others who didnt work hard will die. Well, thats life sometimes. And to save the best for the last, it shall be electronics! Toughest and the most to study given that i don’t learn a single thing from the useless lecturer, i still feel the most confident after the paper. 1 and a half hours long paper, i finished it half an hour 😀 This time, i really really want full marks, i’m a little hopeful for it and maybe, confident=) So i’m still looking forward to my results!

Up next is dragonboat. Today, the 3rd of july is the eve of hell’s training. Our seniors and done with one of their major competitions and now, they have LOTS of free time. This simply means there will be lots of training and they will just get tougher and tougher without doubt. Every land training still reminds me of our NCC ‘ironman’ PT. No joke man, its tough. I still feel weak though, wanna get stronger and tougher and i wanna do more pull ups too! And so, tomorrow is our first training after the MSTs and to kick off with a good start, we are rowing tmr! Sounds fun, but the last training was simply exhausting, 6 or 7 sprints in a row, each probably 300 to 400 metres long and if we lose to the other boat, 50 pushups T.T Well it just won’t get any better i guess, i truly expects alot more for tmr’s training.

Well sorry for such a wordy post, but its been long since i blogged, so i’m just pouring my thoughts out. So far with life, its been pretty plain and fine, but i’m still enjoying it. NYAA is still going fine and i very much enjoy it not because i get to do cip or othr stuff, its mainly cos i get to see the part D’s and i get to catch up with them! And just a few days ago, i’ve got myself some good news! Finally found someone to help me out and also to slog on with for electronics lol! I’ve got lots to prep for the end semester test and the person to help me and to study with is none other than lewis! At last, someone serious enough to sit down and get to work with me^^

And lastly, i’m kinda missing 4D! Never seen them for quite awhile already though i got to see mingjun at the barrage and also to sit with him on a boat the other day druing the water festival haha! Miss hanging out, going for a meal or playing basketball with you guys, hope all are fine. Oh and last but not the least, Marco Polo. As u can see, i’m still putting “Marco Polo” on my msn not because i’m lazy to remove it, but its more of i still remember our time at obs(don’t laugh). Well hope to meet up with u guys soon! To end this off, here’s something cool and interesting! Watch it, this guy playing a flute and beatboxing, good stuff.

May 14, 2009

School school school

Posted in my universe at 2:07 pm by Gerald

Wow it seems that it has been really really long since i blogged, and before i realised it, i’ve already spent 3 weeks in school. My class seems pretty fine, though there is still a few ‘troublemakers’ in class lol. There’s 3 nicholas, Tan, Ng and Chaw, along with Jamesy boy, korean wannabe david jang(he’s only half korean hah!), Terence and a few others. Well and so it seems school of MM is a utter disappointment in SOME aspects, or maybe its just one yea. Anyway, lessons are pretty easy and slack. Shit, does those JC peeps feel the pinch now? I have wonderful studying hours, which owns sec 4 life in anglican flat lol! Well but theres still one subject that i very much hate now and its the m*f#ing ELECTRONICS. I have to learn stuff bout logic gates and they just dont seem to put any logic into me, damn u electronics.

Now comes cca, i’m pretty much disappointed when i first saw SP rock climbing and i just can’t stand the fact that they look awfully slack and ill equipped to me. Dang it, i was really hoping to find something good in it. Oh well, i guess i gotta think about dragonboating or something else now, its really mind boggling, so screw it. Someone help me think now, and i just can’t wait to get done with nyaa gold, so i never need to bother about cca shit. Maybe jin feng can be my saviour, oh, its lewis now lol.

And lastly, shit, i fucking miss part delta’08, these 4 years are still the biggest time of my life so far. Be it doing foot drill or pumping in the hot sun like dogs, i still wanna go through this shit one more time, because being with all of you guys is like no other;)

Part Alpha o5

Laugh now, seriously, because i still can’t believe how much we have grown and been through everytime i look at this picture. (It was our first “te-kan day” and larre or somebody made us wear our unifoms inside out)

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